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    Costa del Mar Performance Frames: Ready for an Adventure

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Before you set sail or hit the trails to kickstart an outdoor adventure, it's safe to assume that you prepare by packing the right gear and dressing in a comfortable and practical manner. In addition to throwing on supportive shoes and a protective layer of sunscreen, it's important that you protect your eyes for the excursion by investing in a pair of high performance sunglasses. Let's take a look at some of the most adventure-ready glasses designs out there, performance frames from Costa del Mar:

    Sweat-Resistant Materials
    One of the biggest complaints that adventure goers have when it comes to low-cost, low-quality sunglasses is their tendency to slip. Regardless of how much you sweat while wearing a pair of Costa del Mar frames, you can be sure that the arms will stay firmly in place thanks to the presence of two incredible durable and water-resistant materials, nylon and Hydrolite. When combined, these two elements create a non-slip surface that keeps glasses where they're supposed to be.

    Guaranteed Durability
    Within the frame of each pair of Costa del Mar sunglasses there is a tough wire core temple that has been inserted by hand for the purpose of strengthening the product. Not only does this wire make the glasses more flexible and therefore less prone to breaking but it also makes them adjustable. No matter what your natural face shape is, Costa del Mar frames can be customized to accommodate it perfectly.

    Corrosion-Free Hinges
    Another concern you may have when choosing a pair of shades for your active lifestyle is the flexibility of the hinges. Hinges that easily wear down can compromise the overall integrity of the frames and leave the glasses unwearable. Costa del Mar uses stainless steel when designing their hinges, which means this tiny yet essential element of the frame won't easily corrode.

    You can learn more about Costa del Mar's commitment to designing durable and long-lasting frames by checking out their products here at EJ's Sunglasses. Costa del Mar is just one of the many designer names that we carry in our convenient online frames store. To find out what the benefits are of purchasing your next pair of shades online, call (952) 679-8666.

    3 Iconic Sunglasses Designs by Ray-Ban

    Last updated 4 years ago

    For over seven decades the designers at Ray-Ban have been providing customers here and abroad with chic, stylish eyewear that is appropriate for nearly any occasion. If you're a fan of Ray-Bans, then be sure to check out the following list of glasses styles so that you can expand your collection. Here are three iconic sunglasses designs by Ray-Ban:

    The Wayfarer
    For the hip and fashionable crowd, there is no better style of sunglasses to add to an ensemble to make it complete than the Wayfarer. Ray-Ban introduced this iconic sunglass design in 1952 to compete with other symbolic products that embodied the mid-century modern style, such as the Eames chair. The Wayfarer is regularly counterfeited by lower-quality manufacturers, so it's important that you purchase your pair from a reputable source like EJ's Sunglasses in order to guarantee authenticity.

    The Aviator
    The Aviator is another iconic sunglasses style that Ray-Ban has offered to fashion-forward clients as well as those who simply enjoy fine quality products. This style was originally created for pilots in the 1930's, who previously relied on inefficient and obtrusive goggles to protect their eyesight. Today, Aviators are a popular style for a number of celebrities like Tom Cruise, Rihanna, and Jennifer Aniston.

    The Clubmaster
    Few sunglasses styles read “sophisticated” quite like the Clubmaster from Ray-Ban. The Clubmaster was especially popular in the 1950's and the 1980's but has recently made a comeback, popping up on the faces of Americans who appreciate that classic retro vibe. You can purchase this signature style in a variety of colors including standard tortoise shell and black.

    If your current Ray-Ban collection is lacking one of the iconic styles listed above, then be sure to visit EJ's Sunglasses online. Our unique online store offers over 100 different variations on these classic shades as well as other designs like the Daddy-O and the Olympian. Call EJ's at (952) 679-8666 to learn more about our selection.

    How to Polish Sunglasses

    Last updated 4 years ago

    As soon as you've purchased a brand name pair of sunglasses from EJ's, it's important that you find a safe place to store them and that you invest in a few simple products that will help you keep the frames looking their best for years to come. To get your glasses extra clean, you will need a high quality linen or cotton cloth, a spare toothbrush with soft bristles, optical cleaner, and a bowl. Begin by breathing heavily onto the lenses of the sunglasses before wiping them clean in a circular motion. Next, drop the glasses into a bowl filled with warm water to remove any stubborn residue. While the glasses are still damp, use the toothbrush to scrub away any dirt. Finally, eliminate any smudges with your optical cleaner before wiping the frames dry.

    EJ's Sunglasses carried a wide selection of accessories that can be used to preserve the quality of your Ray-Ban, Maui Jim, or Costa del Mar glasses. Our online store makes it simple and quick to add these accessories to your cart so that they conveniently arrive at the same time as your new pair of frames. To learn more about all that EJ's Sunglasses has to offer, call us today at (952) 679-8666 or visit us online.


    An Inside Look at the Design and Inspiration for Costa del Mar's Limited Edition Kenny Chesney Sunglasses

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Even celebrities have the same basic wants and needs when it comes to preserving their eyesight outdoors. As we see in this video, country music star Kenny Chesney recently teamed up with Costa del Mar to create frames that rock stars, professional athletes, and everyday Americans can use to protect their eyes while enjoying an outdoor adventure.

    If you enjoy the principles upon which Costa del Mar stands and you can't get enough of the quality products that they offer, then check out our collection of Costa glasses at EJ's Sunglasses. To learn more about buying your next pair of frames online, call (952) 679-8666.

    Spotlight on Maui Jim Mavericks

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Avid fans of Maui Jim sunglasses know that this brand has garnered such a positive reputation in recent years thanks to its quality, dependability, and style. One model that no Maui Jim collection is complete without is the Maverick aviator, which was inspired by a popular surf spot in NorCal known for its massive waves and competitive nature. Like any great pair of aviator frames, the Maverick offers the chic and classic design that men of all walks of life can enjoy. Maui Jim has, however, added some features to these frames to make them stand out from other aviators-including PolarizedPlus 2 lens technology and MauiGradient lenses.

    Whether you're headed to a summer barbecue or you're getting ready to go windsurfing, the Maverick aviator from Maui Jim will provide you with the sun, wind, and glare protection you need to ensure a good time. If you're interested in learning more about this style or any other frames in the Maui Jim collection, then check out EJ's Sunglasses online. You can also call us at (952) 679-8666 to speak with one of our friendly staff about buying the right glasses for your face shape and your lifestyle.

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