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    Maui Jim: Your Lenses

    Last updated 5 years ago

     When searching for the right pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, you should closely examine each model’s lenses. High-quality lenses will block out both UVA and UVB rays without altering the vibrancy of the environment around you. Here is a look at the lenses featured in each pair of Maui Jim sunglasses and their exclusive attributes:

    Polycarbonate That Won’t Let You Down

    The polycarbonate styles by Maui Jim are lightweight yet tough enough to withstand the elements, even when you’re engaging in intense physical activity. Whether you’re mountain climbing or playing beach volleyball with friends, your polycarbonate lenses will resist against bumps, scratches, and drops.

    Lightweight and Long-Lasting MauiPure

    If you’re looking for light, everyday lenses that support your active lifestyle, check out the MauiPure line from Maui Jim. After just a few minutes of wearing your MauiPure glasses, you may forget that you’ve got frames on at all, thanks to their lightweight material and the crystal clear image through the glass.

    SuperThin Glass for Your Viewing Pleasure

    Those who place quality optics as their number one feature won’t want to miss the SuperThin lenses offered by Maui Jim. SuperThin lenses are recognized as one of the brand’s most comfortable styles to wear for long periods of time because they enhance every detail of the surrounding environment.

    Dual-Technology MauiEvolution

    The MauiEvolution lenses offer buyers the best features of the SuperThin and polycarbonate lenses. Each of the frames available in the MauiEvolution line offers top-quality optics as well as strength and durability.

    You can find your perfect pair of Maui Jims online with EJ’s Sunglasses. In addition to Maui Jim, we carry a large collection of name brand designers including Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Costa Del Mar. To learn more about selecting eyewear that works for you, give us a call today at (612) 360-2340.

    A Look at Your Ray-Ban Lens Options

    Last updated 5 years ago

    From Hollywood celebrities to President Obama, it seems like everyone has a favorite style of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Originally designed for U.S. Army pilots, this increasingly popular brand first skyrocketed to fame in 1937 with the classic pilot’s aviator. Ray-Ban now offers hundreds of styles of sunglasses, from a recently released Folding Aviator to the cult favorite Wayfarer. Select from these Ray-Ban lenses to fit your wardrobe and lifestyle:


    Since innovating the polarized lens to help American fighter pilots protect their eyes from the sun’s glare, Ray-Ban has remained on the cutting-edge of lens technology and now offers a spectrum of colors. Offered in green and brown, classic lenses absorb 85% of visible light to ensure the clearest and most natural vision during the day. Brown lenses provide even greater contrast in lower light conditions, offering superior visual acuity even under cloud cover.


    Offered in both crystal and plastic, the eye-catching gradient lens gives maximum protection in every color of the rainbow. The crystal lens is specially tinted using high-vacuum processes to achieve the smoothest color transitions, while plastic lenses rely on chemical-immersion techniques to subtly shade your world from light to dark.


    Ray-Ban is proud to offer Mirror and Legends lenses to deliver superior color contrast and UV ray protection. These new special lenses may look vintage, but the technology and color selection is nothing but modern. The reflective sheen on Mirror lenses is achieved by fusing superheated metal oxides to the lens, giving you the best glare protection on the market.


    Do you need sunglasses that eliminate glare, reduce eyestrain, and increase clarity at the same time? Experts recommend that you wear sunglasses whenever you venture outside, so equip yourself with polarized lenses that utilize a perfectly uniform, layered lens to drastically reduce reflective light.

    Whether you prefer the President’s old-school aviators or want to step out in retro pink Wayfarers, Ray-Ban’s innovative lens technology keeps your eyes safe from the sun. Call EJ’s Sunglasses today at (612) 360-2340 to find the Ray-Ban, Oakley, or Maui Jim sunglasses of your dreams.

    Tips for Picking Sunglasses to Fit Your Personality

    Last updated 5 years ago

    When you invest in a pair of designer sunglasses, be sure to pick a pair that fits your personality, lifestyle, and wardrobe. As you will learn in this video, Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Costa Del Mar eyewear come in a variety of shapes and colors with different lenses and coverage options.

    Basic Ray-Ban sunglasses are simple, versatile, and utilitarian, while aviator shades provide a retro, classic look. If you’re an athlete, try out a lightweight, wraparound Oakley style. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of fashion, try oversize plastic shades for maximum protection.

    Whether you prefer the classic luxury of Prada or the sporty flair of Oakley, EJ’s Sunglasses has a set of lenses to suit your style. Check out our inventory online or call us at (612) 360-2340 to talk to a sunglasses sales representative today.

    A History of Oakley Sunglasses

    Last updated 5 years ago

    In 1975, Jim Jannard started Oakley with only $300 and a dream to make better motorcycle handgrips that molded to a rider’s clenched hand. Inspired by the simple idea that invention could be wrapped in art, Jannard began to create goggles for motocross racers, sunglasses for athletes, and finally, the iconic line of Oakley eyewear that Americans today know and love. Here is the story of Oakley sunglasses:

    Imagined by a Scientist

    A self-described mad scientist, Oakley inventor and innovator Jim Jannard knew he could raise the standard for the entire biking industry. When no one would listen, he broke all the rules and went into business for himself, creating a motorcycle handgrip that actually increased a rider’s grip with sweat—and he never looked back.

    Designed for Performance

    Operating by the principle that everything in the world can be made better if someone is brave enough to improve it, Jannard’s next product would become a staple for MX racing: the O Frame® goggle. This patented new technology utilized a lens curved in the perfect arc of a cylinder for maximum visual acuity, and pros like Mark Barnett and Jeff Ward took notice.

    Championed by Athletes

    Jannard’s next invention took the entire sunglasses industry by storm. Designed specifically for athletes, Eyeshades® capitalized on Jannard’s previous innovations in lens technology to create durable, light-blocking sunglasses. Under Jannard’s watchful eye, Eyeshades evolved from a fashionable accessory to a piece of vital equipment whose utility was praised by Tour de France cyclists for its performance and protection.

    Worn by Everyone

    Today, Oakley sunglasses, accessories, and apparel are known worldwide for their classic lines, functional appeal, and cutting-edge technology. The Oakley team’s inventions have been awarded over 600 patents, and Jannard’s brand is now the mark of excellence for motocross riders, athletes, parents, and children everywhere.

    EJ’s Sunglasses is one of the largest online retailers of Ray-Ban, Oakley, Costa Del Mar, and more. To learn more about our unparalleled selection of men’s and women’s designer sunglasses, visit our website or call us today at (612) 360-2340.

    Choose The Best Sunglasses For You

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Choosing a new pair of shades should be fun! Check out the following websites for information about different types of sunglasses and to learn why it is so important to wear them whenever you are in the sun:

    Learn about the advanced technology behind Maui Jim lenses on

    Find out about the history and extreme performance of Costa del Mar sunglasses from the company’s official website.

    Wearing sunglasses is crucial to preventing UV damage to the eyes. Learn more on

    Read this article from to learn why it is so important for everybody to wear sunglasses.

    Learn how to find the best sunglasses for your face shape on this webpage.

    To browse a large selection of designer sunglasses, visit EJ’s Sunglasses online. To learn more about the various brands we carry, call us at (612) 360-2340.

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